The Importance of having Insulation in your Ductwork

Ductwork Insulation






Ductwork involves the system of ducts and pipe work that circulate heated or cooled air around your home. Installing ductwork insulation to this system provides a few valuable benefits like; Lowering electrical bills, minimize energy consumption, and a more comfortable temperature to make your house a home. Discover why you will be saving money and energy with this insulation product and how it should be installed.

Why Is Ductwork So Important?

Ductwork insulation secures the air traveling through the duct system and that it will stay at the required temperature and won’t and won’t have any leakages. Leaking air emerges as unnecessary energy loss, which means that you will be putting strain on your HVAC system to work even harder. This will cause higher electrical bills as a result of wasted energy and it would have a bad effect on the environment. Without a professional ductwork insulation, you could be losing up to 15-35% of the energy used to heat or cool your home or office. A good installation of ductwork insulation will block not only energy wastage, but also leakages, temperature drops, and condensation buildup in your duct.

Where is Ductwork Insulation Most Necessary?

Ducts are normally made of thin materials, most of the time sheet metal or fiberglass and that is why it is so simple for the air traveling through them to be wasted. That is why proper insulation is important to ensure that the regulated temperature will be maintained as the air makes its way from the air conditioner to your entire home. The ductwork in unconditioned areas, such as cellars and ceilings is where ductwork insulation is most important as to prevent any moisture.

Ductwork Insulation Prevents Condensation

In the duct, cool air passing through warm section in your home can cause condensation in the ductworks. This condensation leads to moisture buildup inside the surrounding area of the duct system. In turn, the moisture can lead to all kinds of issues, such as mold and fungi growth.  Genuine insulation levels can indeed prevent condensation form occurring in your ductwork.

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