How to save energy and money from your Geyser

Geyser Insulation








Use an Electric Geyser

According to an experiment done, if you compare the consumption of energy used between a gas and an electric geyser, the electric geyser surprisingly consumes less energy, and is therefore the best option and more efficient! The test was conducted in the same conditions for both the gas and the electric geyser, to get the perfect answer.

Switching your Geyser Off

A quite common but misunderstood idea involves thinking that turning your geyser off will decrease the energy consumption. Maybe, if the switch off time lasts at least a couple of days, then by all means, but if it is only for that day then rather don’t waste your time by turning it off.

A geyser is like a bath tub filled with cold water. To heat up the water to the temperature set on the geyser, the geyser has a resistance.  When the hot water hasn’t been used, the temperature of the water should stay the same as no cold water is being allowed in. Although, depending on the standard of your geyser and how well it’s been insulated, heat may leak from the geyser into the surrounding area and that is valuable energy lost.

Install Quality Insulation

A geyser loses roughly a few Degrees Celsius per hour, depending on the insulation and type of geyser being used. So in fact, constant energy is needed to sustain the temperature. Nevertheless, a geyser insulating blanket can cut this energy consumption by half, and in fact making your geyser system even more efficient and energy saving.

Getting the right insulation for your geyser system and piping is crucial when trying to get the most out of your system, saving you money for any upgrades on your piping system. For the best quality insulation, visit Egoli Insulation & Sheet Metal Works today to enquire about our geyser insulation and piping insulation, all our products are affordable and long lasting.