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U Thermo Pipe

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ULTIMATE: Mineral wool for high temperature applications

Resin-bonded high temperature resistant mineral wool, cylindrical sections. The pipe sections are supplied plain, however they can be covered with aluminium foil where a vapour barrier is required.

Key Benefits

  • Mineral wool developed for high temperature applications
  • Excellent lambda values (thermal conductivity) which reduces heat loss
  • Shot free
  • Lightweight products, easy to handle
  • Soft touch, easy cutting
  • Outstanding flexibility: pipe sections can be opened and closed several times without breaking into two pieces
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Chemically inert and when applied under controlled conditions will not promote or cause corrosion
  • Meets the European criteria in being non-hazardous to health (EUCEB certificate)

Technical Properties

Performance Code Value Unit Comment
Maximum Service Temperature MST 660 T (°C) U Thermo Pipe 8